GOES Health: Providing Reassurance and a Safer Camp Experience

Screenshot of GOES Library on phone

GOES Health is the first outdoor health platform designed by wilderness medicine experts. As your pocket guide to outdoor safety, we’re here to take the worry out of adventure and allow your team to focus on what matters — happy campers! With GOES, counselors can:

  • Prepare for unexpected weather
  • Learn about relevant health risks specific to their location
  • Have the confidence to handle any emergency situation, no matter how remote they are

Stay Ahead of the Weather

Whether you’re at camp or planning for an upcoming trip, use GOES to search any location in the US for unexpected weather, natural disasters, and learn about relevant health risks.

Scroll through the hour-by-hour forecast up to four days in advance to stay ahead of storms, lightning, wildfires, or any other kind of weather challenges. Navigate your trips with confidence.

No Service? No Problem — We’ve Got You

GOES’ wilderness medicine library and self-guided protocols were designed and built to work entirely offline, no matter how remote your trip or camp might be.

Equip your team with best practices on how to prevent and manage bug bites and stings, minor cuts, sprained ankles, heat illness, and more. 

A Doctor in Your Pocket 

Considering backcountry trips? No medical staff on-site? Need extra support? We know that adventure can call at any hour. That’s why we have a 24/7 help line, staffed by our wilderness medicine doctors, ready to take your call. 

There’s More . . . 

 At the end of the camp season, GOES will provide you with a customized seasonal report to help you understand the outdoor health risks your camp has experienced. Discover popular topics, seasonal insights, and usage statistics to help refine and improve next year’s training programs. Here’s to creating a healthier camp community! 

Discover more about how GOES Health can transform your camp's approach to outdoor safety by visiting the website at GOES Health for Camps or sign up to receive information specific for your camp’s needs.

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