The MosquitOasis: A Cozy Sleep Solution for Mosquito Safety

Campers showing MosquitoOasis in use

Designed by a Boy Scout camper and his dad, the MosquitOasis personal sleep sanctuary is designed to neatly attach to a camping cot and fit inside a platform tent. This pop-up tent is quick to set up and is completely enclosed. Its triangle shape helps it save space inside the platform tent.

MosquitOasis, LLC is proud to offer ACA camps access to the MosquitOasis. Visit for more information.

Today, thousands of campers enjoy a cozy sleep space free from mosquitos, bugs, and other assorted vermin.

“This is the slickest product ever for mosquito netting. No mosquito bites overnight! Two thumbs up! Must have item! Highly recommend!! Thank you, MosquitOasis, for saving us from hungry mosquitoes while we sleep!” -Hayden and Riley (real actual campers)

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