Orthodontic Care Essentials

OrthoNu is proud to unveil a groundbreaking lineup of ortho care essentials meticulously crafted to enhance comfort and elevate the orthodontic experience for your campers. We understand the unique challenges faced by those navigating life with braces and aligners, and our products are specifically engineered to provide effective solutions.

Tweakz™: Empowering Orthodontic Self-Care

OrthoNu Tweaks product

Tweakz™, an innovative tool designed to simplify self-care. Crafted with premium materials, Tweakz™ enables users to solve for the most common emergencies for their braces or aligners with ease and precision. 

Discover Relief and Comfort with OrthoNu's Essentials

OrthoNu care items

Complementing Tweakz™, our comprehensive range of ortho care essentials addresses common pain points associated with orthodontic treatment:

  • Chillin' Strips™: Replace ineffective silicone wax with our refreshing, soothing Chillin' Strips™. Designed to alleviate gum irritation and enamel sensitivity, these strips have a delicious flavor with functional ingredients that your customers will love.
  • Comfort Tape™: Think of it as a "Band-Aid" for your gums and teeth. Comfort Tape™ provides targeted relief for those achy pressure points and sore spots, promoting a more comfortable orthodontic experience.
  • Mouth-aid™: Like a soothing balm for the mouth, Mouth-aid™ creates a protective barrier over irritated soft tissue in the oral cavity, accelerating healing and providing lasting comfort.
  • OrthoChewz™: Say goodbye to silicone chewies! Our innovative OrthoChewz™ are dissolvable chews that seat aligners and are packed with beneficial ingredients to relieve dry mouth and soothe discomfort.  

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