Paraclipse Systems — Fly, Fruit Fly, and Mosquito Control Systems

Paraclipse fly wall unit

Paraclipse Systems, based in Columbus, NE, are a US manufacturer of highly effective fly, fruit fly, and mosquito control systems. We offer three different indoor coverage options as well as two outdoor options, so we truly have a product for everyone. No other fly control system has our auto advancing cartridge. Working much like 35mm camera film, the cartridge allows for thousands of flies to be caught over 30–60 days (depending on the system you choose).

A motor slowly advances the cartridge each day, providing a fresh glue surface to catch more flying insects, rolling them up into the cartridge so you don’t have to deal with the dead insect parts. In contrast, over a 30-day period, standard glue boards are exposed to light, dust, and accumulating insect catch with no ability to provide a fresh glue and attractant unless you change it out. Any insects that have not stuck to the traditional now-dry glue board will fall off, exposing your staff and area to dead bugs.

Paraclipse cartridge

We use ultraviolet light as the main attractant, then add nontoxic fly and fruit fly attractants to the glue surface. Through continual testing, we have discovered industry-leading technology that allows for the best catch possible. Our cartridges feature red paper with decoy print, which we have proven attracts more flies than the industry standard white glue boards or yellow/green paper. We continually strive to have the best attractant and the most effective insect control available. Made to last in the USA and using patented technology, our systems simply catch more flies and pests without pesticides, noise, sprays, or zapping. We simply catch more flies using patented technology while being USDA/FDA compliant.  

Paraclipse mosquito eliminator

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