Stretch’Ems Elastic Wristbands

stickersandmore Stretchems bracelets

“Comfort and full-color print! Everything a wristband should be.”

Are you tired of traditional wristbands that irritate your skin after a few hours? If you want comfort, durability, and more snap for your buck, look no further than our Stretch’Ems. This super soft elastic woven wristband lets you go as bold as you want, with a full-color print on both sides and a custom embroidered tag.

Stretch’Ems by stickersandmore are perfect for camps, youth groups, and so much more, with the added versatility of double-sided printing. You can print inspirational on one side and your logo and camp name on the other. Adding in a logo embroidered tag that can be seen on both sides and just think of the possibilities in branding and future marketing you can achieve, all while providing comfort. These elastic wristbands offer something that is not too common in the wristband world: comfort, dual-sided full-color printing, and custom embroidery. Stretch’Ems offers the full package that your business deserves in a wristband.

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