The American Camp Association (ACA) and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) have an agreement in place that allows ACA-accredited camps to use ASCAP licensed music without paying any fees. This agreement usually allows only for music used/sung on the camp premises.

COVID-19’s effect on camp being able to take place in person has created a temporary change to this agreement.

While camps are unable to meet in person, they can use ASCAP licensed music in their online programming. (Previously, camps needed to obtain an additional license for any music posted to the web.)

This permission only applies to the period of time during which camps are unable to meet in person. Once camps can resume in-person gatherings, these permissions stop. In addition, any videos streaming ASCAP licensed music that are recorded and posted to the web during the permissible window must be removed once in-person gatherings can resume.

To learn more about ACA’s agreement with ASCAP, visit the Music Licensing at Camp web page.