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Planning for Camp

Today, there are camps to meet every interest, price range, and schedule. Knowing your options, as well as your child's personality, will help you identify programs from which your child will benefit...


En los campamentos, cuando los niños hacen nuevos amigos, exploran el mundo a su alrededor y aprenden que “Sí puedo” es un mensaje mucho más contundente que “No puedo”, se produce algo mágico. En un...

Los niños - Para conocerlos completamente

Consejos de un experto. Queridos padres: ¡Bienvenidos a un nuevo capítulo en la vida de su familia! Digo esto porque cuando un niño va al campamento por primera vez, toda la familia crece con...

Preparing for Camp

Preparing to send your child to summer camp? ACA has got you covered to help with choosing the right camp, packing, camp visits,and dealing with homesickness.

Planning Checklist

Spring Review Expectations and Values of Camp Seek Recommendations from Friends Consult Faith Communities, Community Centers Attend...

A Camp for Every Child - The Right Camp

Camp can last from just a few days or stretch to all summer long. It's well worth the trouble to investigate camp programs before your camper packs a backpack. These questions help you explore the...

Fun & Safety: ACA-Accredited Camps Set the Standard

Camps and ACA form a partnership that promotes growth and fun in an environment committed to safety.

How to Afford Camp

There's a camp for just about every budget. Ask the director for summer camp scholarship options.

Coping with Homesickness at Camp

The prescription for homesickness at summer camp is a simple solution of preparation and patience.

What to Bring to Camp

Travel Light — Tips on Packing and Gear for Summer Camp Plan Ahead — Living Out of a Backpack, Duffel Bag, Suitcase, or Trunk Review Camp Packing Lists Label Everything — Classic Iron-on/...