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National Standards Commission

Operating Code and Procedures

Instructor Update Course

This course serves as a review of standards revisions and changes for currently certified instructors and associate instructors. Curriculum links contains the notes view of the PowerPoint slide deck...

Local Council of Leaders - Volunteer Development Resources

Volunteer with ACA Resources: Microvolunteerism and Virtual Volunteerism...

Volunteer Engagement Committee

Volunteer Engagement Committee Meetings Updated April 2022 April 2022 - Volunteer Engagement Committee ...

Research Updates from the Fall Research Advisory Committee Meeting

In the latest Research 360 blog post, ACA research assistant Rob Warner discusses updates from a recent Research Advisory Committee meeting.

Volunteering with ACA: Local Council of Leaders Life

Being an ACA volunteer allows you to improve your professional development and summer camp knowledge.

Update from President/CEO Tom Rosenberg on COVID-19

Dear Colleagues: I want to take a moment to reach out to you during these challenging times and remind you that the American Camp Association is here to support you as you work to plan for the...

Camp Business Resources — COVID-19

Federal disaster relief loans, Facebook grants, insurance information, supply resources, and more.

Staffing and Human Resources — COVID-19

Job Seekers Job Resources for Summer 2020 Staffing Camp Staff Recruitment and Hiring Ideas Amid Coronavirus Concerns...

Marketing and Communications — COVID-19

Parents and staff are naturally going to be concerned, particularly with the constant media coverage of coronavirus, so you must communicate openly and often with them.