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Job Center

Find summer camp jobs! Looking for a career in camp? We have year-round camp job listings as well. Directors - looking to find qualified camp staff for your summer camp? Post a job!

Learner Benefits

ACA connects learners with enhanced professional development opportunities to cultivate competencies required for career advancement. ACA professional development is designed to expand knowledge and...

Online Learning

ACA's online professional development offerings and services provide self-directed and learning experiences designed for youth development professionals working in camps, afterschool programs,...

Build Your Own Online Staff Training Package

Well-established and ever-growing, ACA’s virtual learning portfolio includes online courses, recorded webinars, and staff certificates of added qualifications (in-depth online...

Professional Development and Self-Care: A Dynamic Duo

The past few years have been a blur in so many ways. A time warp of self-sacrifice, constant vigilance, planning — and an overall nightmare for health care. It’s been a time for fast-paced learning,...

Events & Education

Check out all the latest events and professional development opportunities and resources for you and your camp staff! We are continuously adding virtual and in-person learning experiences to help...

Camp Counselor Skills Are Professional Skills

As we work to connect with potential camp staff members, it is important to make sure they truly understand the value of working at summer camp.

You Might Not Know It, But Recruitment for Next Summer Starts Now!

Learn more about how to start recruiting for next summer during this summer's camp session.

Creating Community and Building Pipelines through Applicant References

This blog in support of Project Real Job discusses the importance of curating relationships with staff applicant references such as professors, former staff, and coaches.

Gen Z Staff: What Exactly Are They Looking For?

Here are some Gen Z employment trends that started before the pandemic and now appear to be widespread.