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Currently in fifteen pilot camps, CampWell is a six-hour skills-based, in-person, multitiered, training course that guides participants to identify, understand, cultivate, and create a community...

Superpowers of Music for Mental Health

Making music can benefit our overall well-being and mental health.

Healthy Inside and Out: the Role of Mental Health Counseling at Summer Camp

I spent my childhood summers at a sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania, and I loved it. When I turned 18 in 2021, I couldn’t wait to work as a counselor myself. I was following in my mother’s footsteps;...

Anxiety Is a Virtue?

An interview with Tracy Dennis-Tiwary, PhD

Fighting for Wellness: Youth Thrive When You Do

An Interview with Brittany Patterson, PhD

Reframing Mental Health at Camp

Mental health at camp has always been a challenge. But for many camps, it wasn’t until worldwide stressors started piling up in 2020 that this challenge became overwhelming.

How to Support Camper Mental Health

Here are some steps you can take to support camper mental health.

Traversing Complex Emotions: MESH Findings for the Path Ahead

Description Since the onset of COVID-19, researchers have expressed considerable concerns about the state of our individual and collective well-being. Studies suggest challenges...

Considerations for Implementing Mental Health and Behavioral Supports at Camp

If you’ve been thinking about adding behavioral or mental health supports to your program, you’ve also probably realized that the devil is in the details. Supporting mental, emotional, and social...

Lost Boys: Finding Their Way at Summer Camp

Are boys in crisis? Popular literature (Raising Cain, Lost Boys, Boys and Sex) and theater (Dear Evan Hansen) seem to suggest so. Terms such as “boy code” and “toxic masculinity” further paint a path...