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CampSafe® Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Training your staff to the level of safety and professionalism that you and your camp families expect becomes a greater challenge each year.  Your primary focus is safety and that includes the...

Cyber Week Webinar Promotion

Discounted webinar package and limited time deal on a recorded webinar.

The Crucial Role of Infectious Disease Testing in Protecting the Immunocompromised

Infectious diseases pose a significant threat to individuals with weakened immune systems, known as the immunocompromised. Whether they are undergoing chemotherapy, organ transplantation, or living...

Crisis Communications Tool Kit

Unfortunately, a crisis can occur at anytime and can affect any camp at any location. It is for that reason that you should prepare for a crisis before it happens.

CampCounts 2022 Report

CampCounts 2022 is the latest iteration of ACA’s annual business and industry research survey, which aims to support camp professionals in their operational decision-making and to support ACA’s...

Allergies Go Beyond Foods: What to Watch in the Camp Setting

We are all well aware of food allergies being a top concern for children, and especially those who are away from home at camp. Camps have worked hard to ensure that top food allergens are either...

Sexual Abuse Prevention Package – From Redwoods

Child sexual abuse and inappropriate contact with children is a pervasive problem that must be managed in a pro-active manner if we are to protect those in your organization’s care. We want to help...

Resources for Camps about Public Violence

ACA has compiled a list of resources for camps to help deal with crisis response and dealing with public violence.

Employee Safety Trainings Package – From Redwoods

We want all employees to embrace safety in a true sense of keeping ourselves and others safe at all times. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. A safety mindset requires an organization to instill a...

ACA and Redwoods Group Working Together to Bring Safety Training to Camps

The American Camp Association (ACA) is excited to announce a collaboration with The Redwoods Group to further the availability of camp safety training courses.