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Maintaining Accreditation

This page provides tools and resources to help you and your camp maintain ACA Accreditation.

Accreditation Related Trainings

Accreditation Learning opportunities for individuals working with their camps on the accreditation process and training opportunities for prospective and current accreditation volunteers.

Accreditation Volunteer Resources

Use these resources to help you in your ACA Accreditation Volunteer role.

Accreditation Announcement Letter

As a benefit to members, ACA provides sample letters and news releases.

Camps Seeking Accreditation

ACA camp accreditation is the only nationally recognized peer-review process for camps in the U.S. Learn more about the benefits and the process.

Introduction to ACA Accreditation

The American Camp Association is the only nationwide accrediting organization for all types and designs of organized camps. ACA standards focus on health, safety, and risk management practices. ...

Accreditation Office Hours

Welcome to Accreditation Office Hours from 2019 - 2020! This package of recorded on-demand videos is one of many that is part of a large library of accreditation related resources offered through ACA...

Program Overview of Accreditation

Overview of Standards and Accreditation  For 50 years the accreditation process has grown to keep pace with changes in the camp industry, expectations of the public, and the challenges of...

Annual Accreditation Report (AAR)

The Annual Accreditation Report is an educational tool and annual non-visit year touchpoint that focuses on camps' on-going improvement of their policies, procedures, and practices.

Become an Accreditation Volunteer

Accreditation Volunteers are the heart and soul of the ACA accreditation program! Without them, we would be unable to implement the accreditation program. Please review the qualifications and...