How Much Does Accreditation Cost?

What is the fee to seek accreditation?

To seek accreditation, a camp must pay annual fees as described on the accreditation application. Annual fees are calculated on a sliding scale which vary based upon  geographical location. There are no additional charges for accreditation services for member camps.

Camps will receive a copy of the Accreditation Process Guide. There is no further charge for participation in the required Accreditation Process Workshop or for expenses of the visitation team.

How do the fees I pay relate to services I receive?

Between one-half and two-thirds of your dues/ fee are passed on to your local ACA office for delivery of local services including the administration of the ACA Standards program.

The portion that remains at the national office is used to finance the ongoing work of a National Standards Commission and staff to maintain this national program. Besides maintenance of the standards program, your dues/fees support programs that benefit all camps, such as our national public awareness program and our public policy and government relations program.  

Do accredited camps get any exclusive discounts or other "rewards"?

Accreditation isn't inexpensive and it isn't easy, but camp directors sure do believe it's worth it! In fact, nine out of ten ACA camp directors continue to seek accreditation for their camps because they believe it helps them maintain a safe, quality environment for their campers and staff. (Responses to the question: "Why do you continue to seek accreditation?" 1997 ACA Summer Camp Survey, American Camping Association.)

There are lots of rewards ranging from mentors to national publicity.