Maintaining Accreditation

Notification from the ACA National Standards Commission - 4/3/2020

FAQs for Accreditation in 2020 - 4/3/2020


Non-Visit Year Timeline
Fall-Winter Review any revised or new standards
Refresh information on Find-a-Camp
Consider training to become a Visitor 
December Annual Accreditation Report available 
January Review your camps compliance with the Standards
Review and sign the annual Statement of Compliance 
February 1 Deadline: Annual Accreditation Report submission
Annually Ensure accreditation fees are current

Accreditation Portal

Portal access is a benefit for accredited camps and camps seeking accreditation, and accreditation fees must be current for access. Access requires individual login. Highlights of the portal include:

  • Digital Accreditation Process Guide (APG) v.2019
  • Annual Accreditation Report (AAR)
  • Annual Statement of Compliance

Accreditation Portal


Statement of Compliance

American Camp Association Accreditation describes the operations of the programs and services by an owner/director. This may be sought by a camp operating on its own property, on the property belonging to someone else, or by camps who rent/lease facilities to other groups who retain the responsibility for a part or all of their own program. Accreditation applies to all camp programs and services offered under the same camp name throughout the year, except for single-day events.

To maintain accreditation, a legal representative must sign the then-current statement of compliance annually, comply with all of ACA’s current/applicable mandatory standards and all standards verified by the visitors on the day of the visit (the “ACA Standards”), and must agree to an onsite visit as determined by the local leadership, but at least once every three or five years. The visitation requires confirming compliance with standards related to health, safety, and risk management in areas such as site, transportation, human resources, operations, and programming, and it must occur while the camp/program is in full operation.

Sign the Statement of Compliance

Accreditation Process Guide


Annual Accreditation Report

The Annual Accreditation Report allows camps to demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards in non-visit years by submitting a narrative report. The purpose of the report is to:

  • Provide evidence of ongoing quality enhancement/improvement efforts, as part of the five-year accreditation cycle;
  • Provide education and feedback from trained reviewers for camps in non-visit years;
  • Provide evidence of continual compliance with ACA standards throughout the accreditation cycle in non-visit years.

It is the camp’s responsibility to save a copy of responses to the AAR questions. ACA will not maintain AAR responses.

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