New Director Orientation

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The ACA New Director Orientation (NDO) is a course for seasonal or newer camp directors, assistant directors, program directors, and others moving into camp leadership positions. The course includes an overview of all the aspects of the director's job with the primary focus on the summer operation.

The NDO course materials have been designed to help newer directors and supervisors develop the skills they need to be effective leaders for their camp program.

Course Description

In-Person Course – As an in-person course, this is a full day of learning, typically offered in conjunction with other ACA conferences. Course not currently being offered in person.

Online NDO Course – ACA is now offereing the NDO for single learners online. We recommend this only if you are unable to attend a blended learning event. Purchase the Course. Member rate $75 | Nonmember rate $150.

Blended Learning Course – We also offer the NDO in a blended learning format. In this course, you participate in self-study and then attend one-hour facilitated sessions, five weeks in a row. During this COVID time, we cannot offer the NDO in person; we recommend this blended learning course. Registration coming soon. Member rate $100 | Nonmember rate $200. 

  • Cohort A - Begins March 24 -Full
  • Cohort B - Begins April 8 -Full
  • Cohort C - Begins May 5- Full

Course Content

NDO is an in-person interactive course that includes activities, lectures, and discussions in a group problem-solving environment designed to address real-life situations at camp. This course covers five critical areas to help directors and supervisors develop the skills they need to be effective leaders. The core areas covered include leadership and supervision, camper and staff development and behavior, staff training, risk management, and evaluation and assessment.

In addition to building skills, this curriculum incorporates introspection, perspective shifting, and awareness building. This course has been influenced by years of iteration, internal and external research, and feedback from new directors. NDO is designed to be offered at the local or regional level by interested ACA volunteers. Completion of this one-day training results in seven continuing education credits (CECs) for ACA members.  

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