New Director Orientation (NDO) Online Course - Asynchronous

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Core Competency

Human Resources
Risk Management

Type of Course

Online Course


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ACA’ New Director Orientation (NDO) is designed to give you a solid foundation in the competencies and responsibilities necessary to your work as a camp director.  The course has been arranged so you can work at your pace and with the freedom to explore the sections in the order you choose.

This course covers five critical areas to help directors and supervisors develop the skills they need to be effective leaders. The core areas covered include:

  • Leadership and Supervision
  • Camper and Staff Development and Behavior
  • Staff Training
  • Risk Management
  • Evaluation and Assessment 

Each section includes a check of your understanding quiz.  Completing all of the quizzes with a passing grade is required for course completion.  After completing the course your education transcript will be updated, continuing education credits will be assigned, and your badge and certificate will be awarded.

In addition to building skills, this curriculum incorporates introspection, perspective shifting, and awareness building. As you work your way through the curriculum, you will be prompted to make notes, create lists and record your thoughts and feelings.  You will also have the opportunity to collect best practice suggestions.