Lessons Learned from ACA's Crisis Hotline in 2021

Part of the magic of camp is the unexpected. In most cases, the unexpected means spontaneous, unscripted moments of connection, growth, and renewal — but the unexpected can also mean uncertainty, or even a crisis or emergency. 

The CampLine

The CampLine is ACA's newsletter, providing camp-specific knowledge on legal, legislative, and risk management issues. The CampLine is published 3 times a year covering topics such as:

Staff Training and Preparation – Updated

Staff are the front line in advancing the mission of the camp, protecting the camp, and, most importantly, protecting the campers from harm.

Contracts: Who Needs Them? Who Reads Them?

Each year, the ACA Insurance Committee holds a Roundtable with many of the camp industry insurers and brokers in conjunction with the American Camp Association National Conference. The 2018 Roundtable was great success on many levels. The enthusiasm and support from our camp insurers as risk champions of the camping industry was evident with their willingness to share and help shape a safer camp experience for everyone.

Final OSHA Rule Issued to Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

Camps will need to adhere to a new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule that will impact when and how they file their annual reports with OSHA. Please see below to learn why OSHA is taking this action, what the new rule requires, and how camps need to submit their OSHA reports. Also, please make sure you note the new OSHA filing dates for 2018 and for future years.

Droning On — Important Resources for the Use of Drones at Camp

Drones are a great tool for camps, both for use in programming and in collecting valuable footage of your property for use in a camp marketing video. Relatedly, some camps find themselves in the position of having to accommodate the wishes of parents to use drones to capture closing event festivities.

Regardless of the use, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind when using drones.

Protecting Your Camp with Photo Release Forms

Most youth-serving organizations market their organization with photographs showing the nature of the programming or individuals served. For camps in particular, still-life and video imagery are often the only way of conveying all the wonderful things that occur onsite to both your current and prospective families, who are not present when the magic is being made.

Retention of Camper and Staff Records

Questions we will address here include: Should camper and staff records be retained? If so, what should be kept and why? How should a camp retain such records and for how long? When may those records be destroyed?