CampWire Episode 47: Designing Accessible and Sustainable Summer Camps

Erik Hancock of The Kubala Washatko Architects (TKWA) joins us for a conversation on camp architecture and design, including insights on accessibility and sustainability for campuses and facilities.

CampWire Episode 46: See the World with Brett Dennen

Singer/songwriter Brett Dennen joins us on the CampWire podcast to share his summer camp experiences; how camp influenced his career, education, and love for the outdoors; and to talk about his latest album, See the World. 

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CampWire Episode 45: Food Distribution Supply Chain Outlook and Strategies for Camps in 2022

In a special CampWire episode, Rich Lowry of Trinity/HPSI leads a discussion on the state of food distribution supply chain and how camps can plan strategically for summer 2022.

CampWire Episode 44: Starting a Camp Podcast

So you're interested in starting a podcast? Tune in for a conversation on podcast fundamentals, including technology, guests, logistics, and more. Lauren McMillin, ACA's public relations and communications manager, talks with Andy Moeschberger and Sam Hirt about their podcast experiences, insights, and helpful tips.

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CampWire Episode 43: Are You Living Your Mission Through Your Employment Practices?

ACA’s Professional Development Manager of the Western Region, John Beitner, sits down with the Executive Director of ACA, Illinois, Colette Marquardt, to discuss the growing trend in camps to make programs and the workforce more diverse, equitable and inclusive and to explore the growing need to make equitable pay more of a priority. This conversation profiles the excellent work of ACA, Illinois and their bold mission.

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CampWire Episode 42: Camp Business Fundamentals Are Now More Important Than Ever

In the latest episode of CampWire, Ann Sheets and Dave Thoensen discuss the importance of sound business fundamentals as we continue to weather the challenges of the last few years. Ann and Dave draw on their vast experience to share insights and very practical applications of business acumen.


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CampWire Episode 41: Health and Science Programs: Amplifying Indigenous Cultures at Camp

ACA's camping services manager Alicia Danenberg speaks with Dr. Naomi Bender of Washington State University, along with Danielle Thompson & Brittany Belgarde of the University of North Dakota.  Join the conversation as they discuss their unique university operated, health science programs while amplifying voices, culture, and community of the Indigenous Peoples.

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CampWire Episode 40: Supervision Strategies for Camp Staff

ACA's Professional Development Manager of the Western Region, John Beitner, sits down with David Phillips to discuss supervision of seasonal and year-round camp staff.  David shares very practical techniques for making the most of evaluation meetings and ongoing supervision strategies for developing talent in camp staff members.

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CampWire Episode 39: Mindfulness Practices at Camp

ACA's Professional Development Manager of the Western Region, John Beitner, sits down with Susan Fee and Tanea Mills to discuss how mindfulness practices can enhance the camp experience.