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With the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within the United States, now is an excellent time for summer camps to review and update health-related plans and procedures and communicate with your camp families and staff members.

Coronavirus Considerations for Camp: The Conversation Continues

This webinar will expand on topics from the original Coronavirus Considerations for Camp webinar in March.  We will address potential changes camps will need to make this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic and provide tools and resources to help camps mitigate risk and prepare for a communicable disease outbreak.


Managing Camp in Regions with High Community Infections

This is an opportunity for camp professionals to connect with experts at Environmental Health & Engineering regarding considerations for operating camp in areas experiencing high, community infection rates. Safety protocols will be reviewed and camp professionals should bring their questions.

Presenter Bios

David Shore — Senior Scientist, Market Executive — Healthcare 
Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc.

Town Hall Meeting, Hosted by ACA and Y-USA (May 20, 2020)

Watch expert panelists working on behalf of the camp community from Environmental Health and Engineering (EH&E), facilitated by David Shore. During the virtual Town Hall Meeting, participants will learn about the guidebook camps can utilize for summer 2020. In addition to day camp, overnight camp considerations will be discussed. David and expert panelists will provide insights on how to rapidly foster communication with local and state departments of health on topics such as camps and staff participating from other qualified local and regional areas.

Late Summer Camp Season 2020 – Lessons Learned at Camp and Q&A

During the Q&A we will explore how summer 2020 learning lessons will inform fall programs and begin to shape summer 2021. We’ll also appeal to camp directors to participate in the post-summer surveys from ACA for a better/balanced view of the camp experience with COVID-19. Their participation is key for a more balanced view of the camp experience beyond the media accounts of the camps with outbreaks.

This webinar is only open to camp professionals. At the time of registration, you must include your organization and job title for your registration to be approved. 

Town Hall Meeting - January 27, 2021

ACA shared recent developments on COVID-19 planning for camps.  Key takeaways from ACA’s recent COVID-19-related research studies were shared. Additionally, key updates to the Environmental Health & Engineering authored Field Guide for Camps were introduced as well as current news on medical testing options and vaccine access expectations.

No Outbreaks Here! Simple Strategies for Reducing the Spread of Communicable Disease at Camp

The emergence of COVID-19 highlights the importance of preventative behaviors and practices to reduce the spread and impact of communicable diseases in camp. This short course is rooted in lessons learned from the ACA Health Camp Study. Beginning in 2006, and continuing through the summer of 2010, the American Camp Association undertook a five-year surveillance study of injuries and illnesses in day and resident camps.

Communicable Diseases & Infestations

Every year, some of the most common calls received on the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline pertain to communicable diseases and insect infestations.  The potential for the spread of communicable diseases at camp means that camps must continue to pay diligent attention to communicable disease control strategies.

Measles - Information for Camps

Measles is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus. Here some top tips for camps.