Camp Crisis Hotline

The Hotline serves as a resource for camps in crisis and provides callers the opportunity to talk through their crisis with a trained third-party.

Aquatic Safety Trainings Package – From Redwoods

Drowning and spinal injuries at swimming pools and aquatic areas are some of the most traumatic and costly events any program can face. The trauma is not restricted to the child who is injured or dies, but encompasses the family, lifeguards, facility staff, and community. A death or injury claim involving drowning can result in multi-million-dollar awards and significant, undesirable media attention.  This three-course package is being offered in collaboration with Redwoods. Each title is twelve to thirty minutes in length. 

Titles include:

The Role of Just Culture in Safety at Camp

What is Just Culture? Why is it important? How does it influence safety? And what does it have to do with my camp? This workshop will address these questions. We’ll explore how Just Culture is defined, its interconnection with broader safety culture, and its connection to systems-informed risk management. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to assess and improve the presence of Just Culture in their camp, and how this can improve their safety outcomes.

 Learner outcomes

CampCounts 2021 Report

CampCounts 2021 is the latest iteration of ACA’s annual business and industry research survey, which aims to support camp professionals in their operational decision-making and to support ACA’s advocacy efforts.

Crisis — It Really Can Happen to You

The ACA Hotline is a year-round, twenty-four-hour-a-day service provided to any camp or individual who needs help in a crisis.  Each year, ACA analyzes the hotline issues and provides case studies and resources to assist in crisis management, staff training, and preparation for the unexpected, providing valuable lessons every camp can learn.  This webinar explores situations from the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline that arose over the past year.  Learn from the experiences of other camps in crisis situations and have the opportunity to discuss situations with the ACA Hotline team.

Lessons Learned from ACA's Crisis Hotline in 2021

Part of the magic of camp is the unexpected. In most cases, the unexpected means spontaneous, unscripted moments of connection, growth, and renewal — but the unexpected can also mean uncertainty, or even a crisis or emergency. 

Camp Preparedness 2021: Discussing the Essentials for Covid19, Response Operations, and Emergency Planning for this Summer

Last year was a rough one. Things have improved but we still need to be ready for the curveballs this summer might throw at us. This session will answer your questions about how to prepare for and respond to COVID at your camp, how to adjust your operations and programming, and provide templates related to emergency planning at camps.

Learner Outcomes:

Camp Business Resources — COVID-19

Federal disaster relief loans, Facebook grants, insurance information, supply resources, and more.

Crisis Communications Workshop

Successful use of the earned media channel is still a critical component to a strong communications program and the success of managing your reputation during a crisis.

The crisis communications coaching workshop informs membership of the strategic elements in communicating to key stakeholders and the public at large in a controlled manner, moving the business forward through operational emergency and recovery.

Marketing and Communications — COVID-19

Parents and staff are naturally going to be concerned, particularly with the constant media coverage of coronavirus, so you must communicate openly and often with them.