Webinar - Camp Culture or Cultural Appropriation? Identifying Indigenous Erasure and Stereotypes to Reduce Harm

From 2:00pm-3:00pm EASTERN Time

This webinar will discuss cultural appropriation and the damage perpetuated by camps with harmful stereotypes. Cheryl will discuss how whiteness permeates organizational and camp actions that reproduce Indigenous erasure and white supremacy. The goal of this webinar is to become familiar with the uncomfortable and to recognize the common and everyday behavior of cultural appropriation that is widespread in camps and many organizations. 

Webinar - Race Conversations Continued: Tools & Activities for Engagement at Camp

This session will introduce practical activities to help you talk about race, confront systematic racism, and engage in collective awareness and action at your camp.

Inclusion at Camp

Welcome to Trail Mixed: Inclusion at Camp. We are happy you are here. The stated mission of the American Camp Association (ACA) is enriching the lives of children, youth, and adults through the camp experience. Our mission is to enrich the camp experience through this ongoing column, which we hope will serve as a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) basecamp for the camp world.

Race Conversations at Camp


The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others are forcing the country to reconcile with the injustices that plague our systems. As camp professionals, it’s our job to give campers a place to talk about how racism affects their lives.   

ACA in partnership with Teaching Matters, is offering an exciting webinar for camp educators to discuss how to talk about racism in the camp setting. 

Camper Inclusion at Day Camps: Making It Work for Campers and Staff

". . We started him at a camp that didn’t like that he didn’t fit into their ‘normal’ box. They didn’t have the flexibility, tools, or understanding that you and your staff have. They didn’t listen, work with the family, work with outside resources, and, most importantly, take the time to get to know the child in order for them to be able to soar." — Camper parent email, August 2019

Fear Interrupted: Reframing Cross-Cultural Narratives at Camp

Several years ago, when I directed my camp program specifically for African- American teen girls (Camp Butterfly), there were many memorable moments. But one in particular has been etched in the recesses of my mind since the day it occurred. The event happened during one of our summer sessions; it involved a young 13-year-old girl named “Lea.”

What's the Impact of Gender-Inclusive Cabins on Campers' Friendships?

That question was one that I and my collaborator Leila Bighash sought to help answer in our recent study, recognized at the ACA National Conference with the Eleanor P. Eells Award for Research in Practice.

Stronger Together: Finding True Diversity through Empathetic Listening

Camp Includes Me Series

This feature article is part of an ongoing series of articles in Camping Magazine that will focus on inclusion, diversity, and cross-cultural agility to share in our individual communities and out in the world.