Camp Insurance Trends: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?

For about 20 years, the American Camp Association Insurance Committee has hosted a roundtable discussion with many of the camp industry insurers and insurance brokers attending the ACA National Conference. While the 2019 roundtable brought some new things for consideration to the table, we also saw the recurrence of many of the same type of trends discussed previously.

What Did Winter Do to Your Camp Property?

The winter of 2018–2019 was one that many hope is not repeated soon! Winds, torrential rains, snow, and even drought were prevalent. As you prepare for the upcoming summer, it is important to pay as much attention to your property as you do to your staff hiring and training. Is conducting a “property audit” on your “to do” list? If not, consider the benefits of adding it to the list.

Calling All Risk Champions!

Each year, the Insurance Committee holds a Roundtable with many of the camp industry insurers and brokers in conjunction with the American Camp Association National Conference. The 2017 Roundtable included many familiar faces, and we were glad to welcome several newcomers. The one thing that remained constant is the enthusiasm and support from our camp insurers as risk champions of the camping industry.

Do You Always Feel Like Somebody Is Watching You? — 2016 Insurance Roundtable Report

Report from the 2016 Insurance Roundtable: Held at the ACA National Conference
Gaetano De Angelo, Chair, ACA Insurance Committee 

Camper Medical Risks and Trends

Recent trends indicate camp directors are buying less camper accident and sickness medical insurance and relying more on a parent’s insurance to pay for the occasional camper injury or illness. As a result, camper families are paying more expenses out of their own pockets if they have the means, and more families are seeking reimbursement from the camp when they feel the camp contributed to the injury. Some families are hiring lawyers to help them obtain reimbursement.