Not-for-Profit Council

The Not-for-Profit Council is an affiliate organization of the American Camp Association and operates with guidelines created by ACA to serve the special interests of the not-for-profit camp community. Membership in the Not-For-Profit Council is open to any member of the American Camp Association with nonprofit affiliation who is willing to pay dues. 

All Aboard!

Nonprofit organizations are nothing if not complex — and nonprofit camps are no exception. While each nonprofit is unique, one thing they all have in common is a board of directors. For some of you, this governing body may feel like a distant, disengaged entity. While for others, this group may seem highly engaged and invested in your organization and its future. Regardless of your perception or experience, your camp’s board of directors plays a critical role in the life of your nonprofit.

Fundraising for Nonprofit Camps in Uncertain Times

Join us for a tactical discussion for nonprofit camps focusing on: 

  • Lessons Learned from 9/11 and 2008-09 Recession 

  • Essential Conversations 

  • Fundraising for Critical Needs 

  • Communications with Donors and Alumni