Give the Gift of Camp this Holiday Season

Indianapolis, IN  — As the holiday season approaches, the American Camp Association® (ACA) is offering parents and grandparents a unique gift ideas for children: Camp. The gift of camp is one that never breaks, something children never grow tired of, and an experience that offers the recipient life-long benefits.

School Breaks Shouldn't be a Break from Learning

School breaks are not the time to take a break from learning. Unfortunately, this is what often happens, resulting in a significant drop in students’ mastery of core concepts. The National Summer Learning Association reports that students lose an equivalent of two months of their grade-level math computational skills over the summer, and students from low-income families also lose the same equivalency in reading achievement.

Connecting with Nature

"Camp is a time to explore, a time to let your brain grow, and a time to connect with the outside." 

In this video blog, former ACA CEO Tom Holland explains the benefits of getting outside at camp. Camp not only provides children with an opportunity to get active, it also provides an opportunity for today's kids to get outside and forge a connection with the natural world. Camp allows kids to get outside, get dirty, and learn about nature.

Grandparents' Place

Profile of Today's Active Grandparents
Grand Camps have successfully emerged to meet the needs of significant numbers of active senior citizens across the country. The growth in the older population is expected to mushroom between the years of 2010 and 2030 as the baby boomers reach sixty-five, according to the government's Administration on Aging. By the year 2030, the elderly population will reach 70 million, more than double the number of seniors in the year 2000. At least 25.4 percent of the elderly population will be minorities.

Camp Is for All Ages!

Day Camp - The Perfect Fit

  • So, your child is ready for camp but you're not sure she is prepared for overnights away from home . . . .
  • There's a wonderful day camp that your son's school friends have been enjoying for years — it's in a park near your home . . . .
  • Your mother is staying with you this summer, and you don't want the grandchildren to miss an important chance to visit . . . .
  • The ballet school your daughter attends is offering a summer camp program filled with outdoor activities, crafts, and dance instruction . . . .

Day Camp Is The Perfect Fit

Destinación: Campamento

Un recurso completo para las familias que ofrece consejo profesional de expertos en campamentos sobre la selección de campamento, el momento preciso, el desarrollo infantil y juvenil, y asuntos importantes para las familias.

A Parent’s Thoughts on Sleep-Away Camp Bunk Selection

Right now, many parents are contacting camp directors across the country trying to make sure their son or daughter gets into the “right bunk.” The only question is, what is the “right bunk?” What does that even mean? For parents, the purpose of sending a child to sleep-away camp remains unchanged — they want their child to make friends, enjoy the activities, learn new skills, and make an easy transition to living away from home.

Camp: Bring the Whole Family!

When the kids come back from camp bouncing with stories of new friends, fun activities, and favorite memories — you might think, wouldn’t it be great if your entire family could have the bonding, fun, rejuvenating experience of camp? That’s what many other families are thinking too. The idea of family camp is not only compelling, it’s more popular than ever!

Why Can’t School Be More Like Camp?

Yesterday, my fourth grade son came home from school downcast. It’s his third week at a new school, and I had encouraged him to find a friend or two to invite over to swim. He had asked two boys for their phone numbers, and the boys had said they were “adopted brothers” and written down a fake phone number before getting in different cars to go home. My heart broke for my son.

What Is It about Camp Friendships?

I see it at every major life event — weddings, graduations, baptisms, bar mitzvahs, any time family and friends gather to celebrate a significant milestone — that huge smile and even bigger hug when one very longtime camp friend sees another. The immediate connection and feeling of absolute familiarity take over, transcending time, geographic limitations, and the busy pace of our lives. Yes, camp friends are our best friends, one of the many, many benefits of the years a boy or girl spends at a summer camp.