Planning for Camp

Today, there are camps to meet every interest, price range, and schedule. Knowing your options, as well as your child's personality, will help you identify programs from which your child will benefit most. ACA has created great resources to help you and your child get ready for camp.

Preparing for Summer Camp


Find a Camp

Let ACA help you find the right camp for your child.


For Parents

ACA just doesn't have books DVDs, and resources for staff & professionals! Check out the ACA bookstore for a great selection of materials by professionals in the camp and youth development field.

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The School-Camp Partnership: Working Together for a Brighter Future for Our Students

Let’s face it; our collective national education system has some issues. Some might even say it needs a complete overhaul. Teachers are often overextended and under-funded, and the resources available within the classroom for hands-on learning can sometimes be sketchy at best. Yes, despite the very best of intentions, students run the risk of getting lost in the shuffle, lumped in with the masses, and even written off if standardized tests aren’t their forte.