Holding On, Letting Go: Graduation Season Brings Risk and Reward

High school seniors everywhere will soon embrace a graduation season marked by pomp and circumstance, risk and reward.  Staying safe means balancing freedom with responsibility and communicating honestly with parents.  For many teens, those aren't easy assignments.

Young people venturing closer to true independence yearn for the freedom that parents extend based on assurances that nurture trust.  But, something funny often happens on the way to commencement. 

Chopper Down: Parents Get Conflicting Signals About Nurturing Teens

So-called "helicopter parents" have been recently criticized in the popular press for hovering over their adolescent children, hyper-involving themselves in young lives more in need of independence than nurturing. Such recriminations follow on the heels of studies suggesting that parents are not paying enough attention to teens, thus spawning an epidemic of destructive behavior.

So, who's a parent to believe?

Day Camp - Fun Is Right Around the Corner

Last week, former ACA CEO Tom Holland welcomed us to camp. This week, Tom explains a few reasons why “Fun Is Right Around the Corner” at a day camp near you.

Fun and Safety - The Benefits of ACA Accreditation

Former ACA CEO Tom Holland’s video shares his thoughts on the importance of ACA accreditation. ACA-accredited camp experiences allow children to grow, create, share, and have fun in a safe, structured environment. ACA’s comprehensive accreditation process covers a wide range of camp programs and safety standards, from camper-to-staff rations and kitchen safety to the personal growth of campers during their stay at camp. 

Learning Life Skills at Camp

"Teamwork, collaboration, and communication. . .these skills are necessary for the success of children later in life."

In this video blog, former ACA CEO Tom Holland explains that camp is about more than just "hard skills." As they grow up, children will remember the lessons that their camp experiences taught them, helping them to become better, more well rounded adults. The key life skills learned at camp follow children for the rest of their lives. 

Get Outside with Camp

"Camp is about active lifestyles and what our kids need today." 

In this video blog, former ACA CEO Tom Holland explains the benefits of getting active at camp. Camp provides children with an opportunity to get outside and get active: hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, sailing, and much more. It is important for today's youth to get away from tablets, video games, and other electronic devices. Camp provides the ultimate opportunity for children to get out and get active.

Camp Encourages Kids to Explore Healthy Behaviors

If you went to camp, you probably didn't serve yourself lunch from a salad bar. Times have changed! Now the majority of camps offer salad bars—just one sign that camps' menus are reflecting all our families' changing tastes. This is one of many updated ways camps are encouraging the longstanding tradition of healthy behavior—in the dining hall as well as on the playing field or at the swimming pool.

Health Begins with Youth: Get Your Kids Moving Now

Maybe it starts with Thanksgiving — the turkey, the stuffing, mashed potatoes swimming in gravy, Aunt Gertie's Jell-O® Surprise, and pumpkin pie buried in whipped cream. Then the holiday steam train is rolling, and every time you turn around there are get-togethers complete with a smorgasbord of calorie-laden, but oh-so-tasty, treats. And if it ended with ringing in the New Year, and everyone actually stuck to their resolutions to drop a few pounds and get some exercise on a regular basis, everything would be fine.

Understanding Bullying Within The Camp Setting - Tips for Parents

What is Bullying?

Bullying is aggressive behavior by a child or a group of children who take advantage of the power they have to hurt or intimidate others.

Bullying can take many forms:

The Power of Play

Dr. David Elkind Urges Parents to Add More Play to their Children's Lives

"The traditional summer camp recognizes that play is a powerful form of learning that contributes mightily to the child's healthy physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development."