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Camp Squared? Deciding if camp should be a sibling experience

Camp can be a beneficial, fun, life-changing experience for every child, but if you have two or more children in your household the biggest decision looking ahead to this summer may be "Do I send one or all of them to camp?"

Even if your children get along famously and enjoy many of the same activities, before you decide to send anyone to a residential camp for a summer adventure they'll never forget, you should ask yourself the following questions about each of your children individually:

Hooking Up, Losing Out: The New Culture of Teen Sex

Episodes of group oral sex that rocked a well-heeled New England prep school—coupled with similar incidents in a diverse set of communities across the country—raise important questions about early intimacy among teens and the physical, social, and emotional toll it can take on young lives. Just as important, it points to the "reality gap" between increasingly normative sexual behavior among youth and commonly held perceptions of adults. 

More Than a Village: Underage Drinking in America

A report from the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsibility) sounds the alarm on an epidemic of underage drinking in America. In the spirit of "it takes a village," it also serves up a strategy suggesting the participation of most all segments of society. From parents and pubs, to cops and congressmen, everybody has a role to play. As well they should.

Teens Today research from SADD and Liberty Mutual Group points to some startling facts about youth and alcohol.

The Phantom Menace: Drugging and Driving Poses Threat to Teens During Summer Season

"Summer's lease hath all too short a date," wrote William Shakespeare, apparently foreshadowing the all-too-soon approach of fall. But a short summer season is time enough still for even the most unlikely of kids to find trouble in the most likely of places:  cars and roadways. Indeed, reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration make clear the devastating spike in teen fatalities during June, July, and August.

Holding On, Letting Go: Graduation Season Brings Risk and Reward

High school seniors everywhere will soon embrace a graduation season marked by pomp and circumstance, risk and reward.  Staying safe means balancing freedom with responsibility and communicating honestly with parents.  For many teens, those aren't easy assignments.

Young people venturing closer to true independence yearn for the freedom that parents extend based on assurances that nurture trust.  But, something funny often happens on the way to commencement. 

Chopper Down: Parents Get Conflicting Signals About Nurturing Teens

So-called "helicopter parents" have been recently criticized in the popular press for hovering over their adolescent children, hyper-involving themselves in young lives more in need of independence than nurturing. Such recriminations follow on the heels of studies suggesting that parents are not paying enough attention to teens, thus spawning an epidemic of destructive behavior.

So, who's a parent to believe?

Day Camp - Fun Is Right Around the Corner

Last week, former ACA CEO Tom Holland welcomed us to camp. This week, Tom explains a few reasons why “Fun Is Right Around the Corner” at a day camp near you.

Fun and Safety - The Benefits of ACA Accreditation

Former ACA CEO Tom Holland’s video shares his thoughts on the importance of ACA accreditation. ACA-accredited camp experiences allow children to grow, create, share, and have fun in a safe, structured environment. ACA’s comprehensive accreditation process covers a wide range of camp programs and safety standards, from camper-to-staff rations and kitchen safety to the personal growth of campers during their stay at camp.