Ayude a sus hijos a anticiparse a la hiedra, el roble y el zumaque venenosos

¡Atención, padres de campistas! El comienzo de la temporada de campamento está a la vuelta de la esquina. Ustedes han elegido el campamento perfecto y este es el momento de asegurarse de que su hijo está bien preparado. A pesar de que las listas para empacar tienen información excelente, existe un trastorno natural que a veces se pasa por alto en la planificación de primeros auxilios, sin embargo, a menudo importuna la diversión al aire libre de los campistas: la hiedra venenosa.

Para promover el desarrollo juvenil por medio de la investigación

Para promover el desarrollo juvenil por medio de la investigación

Para enriquecer la vida de los niños:

New Thinking Needed on Helping Kids Avoid or Cope with Homesickness

ANN ARBOR, MI 2010 — A new report urges parents and children's doctors to change their thinking about homesickness among children, to see it as a nearly universal but highly preventable and treatable phenomenon — rather than an unavoidable part of childhood.

The report, published in the journal Pediatrics, gives parents and physicians specific guidance to help anticipate and lessen the distress that homesickness can cause among kids and teens at summer camps, hospitals, boarding schools and colleges.

Coping with First-Time Camp Experiences

For thousands, the camp experience has been a long-standing family tradition. For others, the camp experience seems almost counterintuitive. Send your child off to camp for maybe weeks at a time? "As parents, recognizing that you and your child are growing and learning on a journey together is key to adequately preparing yourself and your child for any type of separation, including going to camp for the first time," states Peg Smith, former chief executive officer of the American Camp Association (ACA)*.

Preparing Children for the Summer Camp Experience

"Summer camp is more than a vacation for children," says Bruce Muchnick, Ed.D., a licensed psychologist who works extensively with day and resident camps. "As a parent, there are a few things to consider to increase the opportunity for a rewarding camp experience for your child." Some helpful suggestions provided by Dr. Muchnick and the American Camp Association include:

How to Help Your Child Have a Great Time at Camp

A summer at camp is much more than a vacation for children. At camp, kids enjoy the outdoors and develop a greater appreciation for the environment. Campers experience the companionship of other children and acquire skills that improve self-confidence, increase self- reliance, enhance the ability to cooperate with others, and, hopefully, a greater awareness of life that is larger than one’s self.

Hopefully, the acquisition and refinement of such skills will contribute in positive and significant ways to the child’s adjustment and will carry over into his/her adult years.

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