Crisis Response - Tips for Camps

Top Tips for Camps

  1. Create a crisis response plan. Prior to your camp season, develop your plan. With the proper resources and planning, you can minimize many of the emotional and physical traumas that may occur during a crisis.

Talking with Parents about Protecting Their Children at Camp This Summer

Key Messages for Camps

  1. Camps are communities where nurturing adults support children emotionally and are committed to their safety and well-being. As camp professionals, we are painfully aware of acts of violence in public venues. We are focused on providing your child with a summer of fun with safeguards and protocols in place to reduce the risk of tragedy.
  2. As parents and grandparents, the violence in public venues concerns us and we want to protect our children even more.

Resources for Camps about Public Violence

ACA has compiled a list of resources for camps to help deal with crisis response and dealing with public violence.

Responding to the Media about the Emerging Issue of Public Violence

Media Tips for Camps

  • Support from ACA. Refer media inquiries about this very sensitive topic to the American Camp Association Administrative Office.  ACA has trained staff who will field all calls and questions from the media, and they will work with ACA Spokesperson, CEO Tom Rosenberg to vet these inquiries and determine next steps. Please call 765-349-3309, or e-mail for help.  

Violence - Decreasing the Risks of Violence at Camp

Top Tips for Camps

  1. Create a violence prevention/response plan.This plan must be consistent with federal, state, and local laws. It should include procedures and responsibilities for immediate response to violent crises at camp, a system for documenting violent incidents at camp, and written rules of conduct applied in a nondiscriminatory manner. It should also establish a violence assessment team to conduct formal investigations of incidents reported.
  2. Create and implement a policy for handling visitors to the camp property.

Talking with Children about Tragedies, Death, and National Disasters

Top Tips for Camps 

  1. Establish a mental health support network. Build relationships with community mental health resources prior to your camp season. Have professionals in place that you can contact at any time to help you with any difficult issues — such as providing grief counseling and talking with campers about community violence.

Camp Security

According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the incidence of violent crimes committed against and by children and youth continues to rise in America. This alarming data has youth-serving organizations on full alert and continually reviewing and increasing their security measures.