Camp-School Partnership Survey

The Camp-School Partnership Survey was distributed to 2,400+ ACA camps between December 2009 to January 2010 to better understand how the camp community intersects with the school community. This critical information was needed to position the camp community and increase our value proposition around educational reform, the kinds of settings that contribute to the development of children, the opportunities that best help children learn, and our belief that camp is an essential component of the formula.

Emerging Issues

As camp professionals, you know the world of camp is ever-changing.  In an effort to meet the needs of our dynamic camp community, ACA set out to determine the current and emerging issues that influence and impact your work. Thank you for helping us identify and understand these issues. Due to your survey feedback, we'll be better prepared to meet your needs for information and resources!

Camper Enrollment and Staff Recruitment Trends Report

In the fall of each year, the ACA research team polls its members about their enrollment and staffing trends during the summer season. Members respond anonymously and voluntarily, meaning the findings are best used as a snapshot instead of truly accurate and representative of the camp industry.