Camp Crisis Hotline

The Hotline serves as a resource for camps in crisis and provides callers the opportunity to talk through their crisis with a trained third-party.

Risk Management

Establish and maintain an environment in which risk assessment and management practices are implemented.

Competency Aspiration

Establish and maintain proactive risk management practices that address safety within the camp experience and environment for staff and participants.

Employee Safety Trainings Package – From Redwoods

We want all employees to embrace safety in a true sense of keeping ourselves and others safe at all times. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. A safety mindset requires an organization to instill a culture of safety among all employees. This means not only creating policies but making sure your practices meet your policies every single time.

Trainings in this package include:

Aquatic Safety Trainings Package – From Redwoods

Drowning and spinal injuries at swimming pools and aquatic areas are some of the most traumatic and costly events any program can face. The trauma is not restricted to the child who is injured or dies, but encompasses the family, lifeguards, facility staff, and community. A death or injury claim involving drowning can result in multi-million-dollar awards and significant, undesirable media attention.  This three-course package is being offered in collaboration with Redwoods. Each title is twelve to thirty minutes in length. 

Titles include:

ACA and Redwoods Group Working Together to Bring Safety Training to Camps

The American Camp Association (ACA) is excited to announce a collaboration with The Redwoods Group to further the availability of camp safety training courses.

The Redwoods Group’s online training courses will now be available in the ACA Learning Center. A few trainings have already been uploaded, and remaining trainings will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

Camp Safety Trainings Package – Redwoods Training Courses

We want to help you keep your campers safe by equipping your staff to best create safe communities for all. This 11-course package is being offered in collaboration with Redwoods. Each title is nine to 14 minutes in length.  Titles include:

The Role of Just Culture in Safety at Camp

What is Just Culture? Why is it important? How does it influence safety? And what does it have to do with my camp? This workshop will address these questions. We’ll explore how Just Culture is defined, its interconnection with broader safety culture, and its connection to systems-informed risk management. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to assess and improve the presence of Just Culture in their camp, and how this can improve their safety outcomes.

 Learner outcomes

Impetigo: What Does It Look Like, and What Should You Do?

John presented to the camp health center begrudgingly, after his counselor requested he get a blister on his heel looked at by one of the nurses. The nurse at health check happened to be a new grad without much on-the-ground knowledge of superficial skin lesions. She looked at John’s heel and noticed a circular, red lesion without obvious exudate or oozing, and identified the lesion as a blister. She decided a foot soak, bandage, and antibacterial ointment would do the trick. After completing her treatment, John popped his sneaker back onto his foot and returned to camp life.

CampCounts 2021 Report

CampCounts 2021 is the latest iteration of ACA’s annual business and industry research survey, which aims to support camp professionals in their operational decision-making and to support ACA’s advocacy efforts.