Managing Camp in Regions with High Community Infections

This is an opportunity for camp professionals to connect with experts at Environmental Health & Engineering regarding considerations for operating camp in areas experiencing high, community infection rates. Safety protocols will be reviewed and camp professionals should bring their questions.

Presenter Bios

David Shore — Senior Scientist, Market Executive — Healthcare 
Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc.

Camp Preparedness 2020 - Discussing the Essentials for Covid19: Quarantine Operations, and Emergency Planning for this Summer

COVID-19 is a scary thing to look at head on. As camps, we worry about what we may face this summer, and what it may mean for the future of our camp. We have a choice: to cross our fingers and hope or take steps to protect our campers and staff. This session will cover what you need to know, what you need to be ready for, and how a small number of actions on your part will save you money and headaches in the long run.

Learning Objectives:

Virtual Program Platform Pros and Cons

With shelter-in-place orders affecting camps nationwide, many camps have turned to virtual gatherings to keep their camp community engaged and encouraged. But with virtual programming comes a variety of new child safety precautions.

We outlined best practices for keeping online programming safe in a previous blog post; now, we take a deeper look at some of the popular platforms and the safety features of each.

Wildfires in the West

The threat of wildfires impacts camps in the west more each year.  This webinar explores wildland fire preparation, response and recovery from four critical perspectives: Public Policy, Fire Service, Insurance and Camp Experience.   Our panel of experts will answer your questions and provide insight and practical information for camps to proactively manage the risks associated with wildfire.  We will also dedicate time for participants to share their own knowledge and learn from each other in a virtual meet up discussion at the end of the event.  This program is designed with western region

A U.S. Secret Service Agent’s Guide to Creating Safe Camps

This webinar is meant to provide participants with concepts to proactively develop and/or improve safety and security at their camps and outdoor venues.  The presentation will include discussion about threat assessments of facilities, continuity of operations planning, standard operating procedures, training for staff, and other important features.  Participants will feel that they can proactively and positively promote a safe and secure outdoor venue without imposing on the serenity and ambiance of their location. 

Camp Staff Safety in the Age of #MeToo

It is a story that has been unfolding for over a year: the exposure of often long-standing sexual abuse and harassment of both male and female victims by mostly men in various positions of power. Camps have done a terrific job of creating a safe environment for campers. What is needed now is a clear, nuanced approach with staff that distinguishes between healthy interest and unwanted advances, overtures or worse.

What If It Does Happen? Camp Security – Plans to Make and Actions to Take

In July 2011, Anders Brevik detonated a "car bomb," killing eight people in the Parliament Building in Oslo, Norway. He then proceeded to shoot and kill 69 participants at the Workers Youth League Summer Camp on the Island of Utoya. He entered the camp property by killing the security guard. Teenage campers attempted to flee by running and swimming away from the camp property.1 Too often, we think "it could never happen here/to me."

It Can Happen to You: 10 Things You Can Do to Tighten Security at Your Camp

With 3 sites, 14 individual day camps, 500+ acres and more than 5000 campers and staff on our grounds each day, the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds has spent the last 5 years focusing on its unique security challenges. In doing so, HKC has become a leader in camp security. At this session, hearing from the perspective of a camp professional as he talks about the improvements HKC has made in securing the grounds and what they’ve able to do with a limited budget, you will walk away with at least 10 new implementable ideas for ways you can improve security at your camp.