Unleashed: The Power of You — Alignment and Engagement, Part 1

Dear Camp Counselor:

This summer you will join, figuratively, with more than 320,000 staff working at some 2,400 accredited camps serving more than 7.4 million children nationwide (ACA, 2013). And, suffice it to say, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Why? Because you will greatly influence young lives. And, in my opinion, there’s no greater gift than that.

Helping the Homesick Camper

Many campers experience homesickness. This article will advise summer camp counselors how to help their campers overcome homesickness.

Interrupting Isms: What to Do if Campers Say or Do Something "-Ist"

This resource offers advice to summer camp counselors who need to deal with campers saying something "-ist."

Connecting with Campers in the Age of Screens, Social Media, and Fortnite

Connecting with campers can be difficult for summer camp counselors now that campers have more screen time than ever.

Begin with the End in Mind

The first thing summer camp counselors should do going into camp season is decide how they want campers to remember them once the season ends.

Camp Staff Safety in the Age of #MeToo

It is a story that has been unfolding for over a year: the exposure of often long-standing sexual abuse and harassment of both male and female victims by mostly men in various positions of power. Camps have done a terrific job of creating a safe environment for campers. What is needed now is a clear, nuanced approach with staff that distinguishes between healthy interest and unwanted advances, overtures or worse.

Move from New to Normal: Be the Friend You Want at the Beginning

One of the best reasons to go to camp is to experience something new. Yet, at the same time, some of the unpleasant feelings experienced while at camp might be because we are new! It is a paradox. It is solvable. Those of us who are returning need to welcome the newbies into the feeling of being one of us.

Signing on the Dotted Line: Commitment Is a Two-Way Street

Congratulations! You committed to working at camp this summer, and the director and/or team who hired you have been anticipating your arrival since you signed on the dotted line! It is completely normal to have cold feet and wonder if you made the right decision to spend your summer at camp, similar to the feelings of the campers you will soon meet who will be embarking on this adventure as well. Before the butterflies in your stomach get the best of you, know that commitment is a two-way street.

Because We Love It

“Great ambition and conquest without contribution is without significance.”

~ The Emperor’s Club