Bullying Prevention Resources

Bullying prevention tips and resources for camps.

Mental Health at Camp for Frontline Staff

Mental Health at Camp for Frontline Staff Course will prepare frontline staff to support campers and themselves around Mental Health and Well-Being at Camp. It is a 90+ minute self-paced online course with short video clips, assignments, and quizzes. The content provides a framework for frontline staff to understand their role at camp in support of the campers. It also provides some specific tools for having supportive conversations with campers struggling. Finally, it includes a section on self-care for staff at camp.

Behavior Management on Steroids: How to Turbocharge Reinforcements and Consequences to Change Kids’ Behavior

Maria and Maksim work at a camp where two staff sit with their nine kids at round tables for lunch. On the first day, they explain basic table manners to their group, not because they work at an etiquette specialty camp, but because they want fewer conflicts and cleanups. Like every staff member supervising a meal, Maria and Maksim hope to minimize spills and ensure every camper gets enough to eat. So, they dutifully explain that everyone should keep their hands below the table prior to beginning the meal, keep their elbows off the table during the meal, and stay in their seats.

ACA Mid-Atlantic Camp Conference 2022


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Sankofa: The Value of Meaningful Debrief to End the Camp Season

Another camp season is complete. After working overtime to ensure that every session was special, enriching, and fun-filled, we camp professionals are finally able to exhale. We did it! The energy, dedication, and tenacity that it takes to run a summer camp is nothing short of heroic, which is why it is typical for camp professionals to use the weeks following the end of camp to squeeze in some well-earned rest and rejuvenation before diving back into planning for the next camp season.

We Need PLAY Now More Than Ever!

Play is beneficial for ALL ages. It positively impacts brain growth, academic development, social emotional wellbeing and enhances creative and critical thinking across generations. Sadly, playful learning has been removed from many educational spaces in spite of the overwhelming evidence that PLAY is needed now more than ever. In this four-part webinar series, we will dig into the research, generate a multitude of hands-on engaging experiences for campers, and most importantly, PLAY! Each meeting will focus on a different component that play is all about!

New Director Orientation (NDO) Online Course - Asynchronous

ACA’ New Director Orientation (NDO) is designed to give you a solid foundation in the competencies and responsibilities necessary to your work as a camp director.  The course has been arranged so you can work at your pace and with the freedom to explore the sections in the order you choose.

This course covers five critical areas to help directors and supervisors develop the skills they need to be effective leaders. The core areas covered include:

Disability Inclusion During Covid-19 | Strategies for Camp and Recreation Programs

Are you running in-person camp this summer and looking for some support adapting inclusion principles and strategies? If so, join us!

Quirky Kids: What We Can Do When a Kid Doesn’t “Fit”


Every cabin/group has a Quirky Kid or two… these are campers who tend to act, do, and socialize differently from their peer.  Quirky kids often don’t pick up social cues, or else alienate friends with impulsive, spacey, or explosive emotions. Keeping Quirky Kids following camp rules can be a nightmare for a new counselor. And they just can’t stop talking about Magic the Gathering.

Learner Outcomes

During this session, we will

Template Resource Documents for Camp Operations

ACA is committed to providing resources to assist in your camp's operation. These resources include tip sheets, charts, checklists, and general resources among other things. These samples should be reviewed and revised as appropriate for your camp or program.