Members of the American Camp Association (ACA) are encouraged to participate in ACA’s governance process and have the opportunity to do so in several different ways:

Local Council of Leaders (LCOL) – Each field office has a Local Council of Leaders. Each affiliate office has a board of directors. Contact your field or affiliate office for more information.

National Council of Leaders (NCOL) – This group is representative of the Association, with one member from each field and affiliate office. The NCOL provides a forum for the membership to address both internal and external emerging issues, as well as providing feedback on ACA Board of Directors actions, meeting in person, usually in conjunction with the ACA National Conference. Members of the NCOL engage in generative thinking and influence the work of the Association throughout the year, as they meet via electronic means on a year-round basis.

Any member of the Association may submit names for consideration as members of the ACA Board of Directors. While there are specific times that recommendations for board membership are sought, recommendations are accepted at any time for future classes.