2022 ACA Staffing Summit


October 24-26, 2022




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ACA Inc., ACA, New York and New Jersey, and ACA, New England are proud to present the 2022 Staffing Summit.

The 2022 Staffing Summit will feature critical learning, speaker panels, roundtables and engaging sessions spanning three days.  The virtual delivery of the conference increases the benefits of convenience and value while preserving the great networking and timely information which are hallmarks of ACA conferences.  We will share practical solutions around addressing the staffing shortage, innovative ways to recruit staff and best practices for staff retention. 

The 2022 Staffing Summit will offer 45 sessions on out of the box ways to connect with staff, virtual job fairs and interviewing, recruiting specialized staff, and so much more.  Session recordings will be available to attendees for one month following the conference. Each day will have featured speakers, keynote presentations from industry thought leaders and networking opportunities to share resources and ideas.  Don’t miss one of the most important events of the season!

Please send questions to John Beitner jbeitner@acacamps.org


Early-bird deadline ends September 26, 2022. Registration fee includes access to recorded sessions for 30 days following the conference.

Type Early-Bird Regular
Member $50 $75
Nonmember $100 $150
Student/EPIC Member $25 $60
Student/EPIC Nonmember $45 $80

Keynote speakers Sarah Sladek (Monday), Jason Jones, Ph.D. (Tuesday) and Simone Gamble (Wednesday) will address working with the current generation of entry level workers, the brain science of engagement and expanding the camp workforce with a DEI lens.

Photo of Sarah Sladek

Generations at Camp: Solving the Generational Tug-of-War in Your Workforce

The times they are a changin'. Here and now, many camps have found themselves at a crossroads.  Staff turnover and retirement waves make it difficult to manage teams and maintain stability.  And how do you keep the peace when the expectations of young staff threaten to dismantle the traditions cherished by older staff?  More than ever, generational differences are challenging camps, but finding and keeping talent doesn't have to feel like an endless game of tug of war. 

Sarah Sladek is a renowned generational and employee engagement researcher who has worked with organizations worldwide.  She brings to the stage an entertaining, solution-oriented approach to increase employee engagement ad foster multi-generational team building.

Photo of Jason Jones

Engage the Heart and Mind of Your Staff

Effective leadership is more than getting people to do what you want. The best leaders create experiences and interactions with their staff that lights up their brains bringing out the best in them. This session will teach you how to implement three brain-based practices that will boost motivation, deepen commitment, and build advocacy on the part of your staff.

Jason will also provide a follow up breakout session: Staff Activation: How to Leverage Motives and Values to Recruit and Retain

Dr. Jason Jones equips leaders to energize, engage, and activate the best in themselves and their people.  He is an organizational psychologist, keynote speaker, two-time best selling author, and executive coach.  He has been featured by Inc. magazine, CBS, ABC, FOX, and PBS.  His client list includes some of the world's most recognized brands, including American Airlines, Porsche, Boeing, AT&T, McKesson, Seagate Technology, and Ericsson to name just a few.


Simone Gamble

Reviewing and Revising Our Staffing Practices through a New Lens

In this keynote, we will discuss the foundations of the lens in which we view camp both historically and presently. For many of us, we view camp through the lens of a utopia, as separate from the outside world, but as we can see with the changing times we must shift to see our camps as a microcosm of the larger world. This lens must be used from a macro approach including our very staffing  practices to as micro as our website language and daily programming. Lastly, participants will learn helpful tools to increase mindful and anti-oppressive practices in staffing to not only attract but retain staff of various backgrounds in an ever changing world. 

Simone Gamble is the founder of OAAARS (Organizer.Activist.Artist.Advocate.Referral.System), a people of color-led consultancy that provides social justice-centered education and training to create safer and inclusive workplaces while cultivating change agents in the workplace and beyond.  Simone has been active in the camping world since she was as child of 10 at day camp.  At 18, she was hired as a camp counselor at a camp in Upstate New York where she spent over 10 years of her camping career ranging in roles from counselor to assistant camp director.  She has consulted with over 25 camps across the nation to support them in their push to be more aligned with their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice goals.

All events in Eastern Time

Monday, October 24, 2022

  • Collaboration Hub 11:00AM - 11:50AM
  • Keynote: Sarah Sladek 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  • Educational Sessions 1:10PM - 4:20PM
  • Collaboration Hub 4:30PM - 5:00PM

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

  • Collaboration Hub 11:00AM - 11:50AM
  • Keynote: Jason Jones 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  • Educational Sessions 1:10PM - 4:20PM
  • Collaboration Hub 4:30PM - 5:00PM

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

  • Collaboration Hub 11:00AM - 11:50AM
  • Educational Sessions 12:00PM - 3:10PM
  • Keynote: Simone Gamble 3:30PM - 4:30PM

Kim Aycock, Mary Brick and Emily Segal
Assessing the Severity of Symptoms and Presentation of Staff Anxiety

Kim Aycock
Developing Staff Through the Intersection of Hindsight and Foresight

Josh Borkin
As Our Staff Gets Younger, How Do We Lead Smarter?

David Borsook
The Book Does Not Exist! Get Creative with How to Staff for the Summer

Karen Brennan, Donald Plumlee and Will Wohlt

Strategies to Source, Hire, Train and Retain Kitchen Staff

Dave Brown
Supporting Staff Mental Health…Without Becoming a Therapist

Max Claman
Stop Selling, Start Interviewing

Kelie Cook
The Unknown World of Hiring as We Know It

Kelly Coulthard
Developing a Staffing Pipeline with other Organizations

Jalisa Danhof, Anne Izard and Amber Grundy
Flip the Script on Staff Recruitment - What you aren't doing, and why it could fix all of your problems

Maegan East
Staff Ghosting: What it is and what to do when it happens to you

Kirsten French
JEDI Includes Me: Inclusion for Staff with Disabilities

Casey Fuerst
Capture Their Attention with Story

Brian Glickman
Remember: They're Interviewing You Too

Rebecca Goldberg, Deb Moroney and Aleah Rosario
All Hands on Deck: An In-Depth Look at Adults Supporting Young People & Why They Matter

Emily Golinsky
Help! My Staff are Holding Me Hostage!

Amanda Hatley and Sarah Walker
Using TikTok as a Recruiting Tool

Jason Jones, PhD
Staff Activation: How to Leverage Motives and Values to Recruit and Retain

Matthew Jones
Best Practices to Develop Your Off-season Recruitment, Referral and Retention

Deb Jordan, PhD
MBWA, F2F, Paper/Pencil, Online: Best Practices for Evaluating Staff

Anthony Kane, PhD
Developing an Inclusive Team through the Higher Education Lens

Matthew Kaufman
Staff Program Progression: A Template for Retaining Your Best Staff

Andy Kimmelman, SHRM-SCP
Lessons from the World Beyond Camp

Julie Knapp, PhD, and Kelly Coulthard
Tips and tricks for Connecting with Universities and Other Organizations

Sharon Kosch
Panel - Bridge USA J1 Camp Programs: Back to the Basics

Panel - Build Back Better: Enhancing the Experience of Bridge USA J1 Programs in Camp

Allison Krabill
Introducing New Staff to the Culture & Competencies of Camp

Isaac Mamaysky
An Employment Law Crash Course for Camps

Greg McCrohan, Christie Jennison, Heather Logee, Sandy Rubenstein and John Dovic
Panel – Your CIT Program is a Great Way to Grow Your Staff

Kate Moncada, Esther Eisenhard and Aaron Lyon
Effectively Recruiting Outside Your Camp Network

Megan Owens
Gen Z’s Summer Job Hunt & Considerations for the Camp Industry

David Phillips
Benefits of the Job – is the prism used to gauge fair pay and benefits reasonable and what can you do about it!

Stefan Pollack
The New Normal: Rethinking Staff Communications, How to Effectively Recruit and Retain Camp Staff

Victoria Povilaitis, PhD and Rob Warner, PhD
Rethinking Staffing Models: Retention, Promotion, and Ambassadors

The Benefits of Working at Camp: Research Shows its More than Fun and Skill Development

Gwynn Powell, PhD, Teresa Tucker, PhD and Joy James, PhD plus a panel of students
Straight from the Horses' Mouth: Student Panel about Recruiting, Hiring and Supervising US!

Chris Rehs-Dupin
Supporting LGBTQIA+ Staff with Intention

Lauren Romanauskas, RN BSN
Recruiting and Retaining Nursing Staff in the time of Covid

Nila Rosen and Julie Finkelstein
Increasing Staff Retention by Offering High Quality Training that Staff Say They Want and Need

Kerry Salvo, Becs Zelis, Shawn Ness and Jamal Stroud
Panel – Mental Health/Mental Wellness at Resident Camp

Rachel Fendell Satinsky
Best Practices for Recruiting and Interviewing Camp Staff

Ann Sheets
The Topic No One Wants to Talk About - Termination

Daniel Shore, PhD
The Unseen Risks of Public Recognition and Reward Programs at Camp

Rob Warner, PhD
Findings from the ACA Staffing Practices Pulse Survey

Hannah Winkler
Retaining and Motivating Day Camp Staff: Perspectives from a Recent Counselor

Rebecca Zimmerman
Using Bonuses as a Tool for Recruitment and Retention

One benefit of this virtual conference is the ability to watch sessions that happened simultaneously to ones you were attending.  Unlike in-person conferences you will be able to view all of the recorded content of the conference.  Presentations that rely on breakout room conversations will not be recorded but the majority of the conference will be recorded.  Registered attendees will receive detailed instructions about how to join sessions live.  They will also receive information about how to view session recordings.  Session recordings will be available a day or two after the presentation and can be viewed by registered attendees for a month.

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