ACA, Illinois Brandwein on Super Staff SuperVision: The Quick Course on Outstanding Skills to Coach, Motivate, & Bring Out the Best in Staff


May 17, 2024
10:00 am – 4:15 pm





Get your directors, site directors, team leaders, supervisors, and other members of your Leadership Team—new or experienced—trained in one dynamic online seminar! (And it’s also invaluable for those who train the Team.) Superb training of your Leadership Team is one of the best investments you ever make in camp success. This is the acclaimed, skill-packed, one-of-a-kind training that receives rave reviews and is presented by the award-winning, internationally famous author of the number one national best-selling book that’s considered the “must have” source on the subject, Super Staff SuperVision. Leadership Team members learn what to say and do every day to be one of the very best leaders at camp, including: 6 Paths: the six essential things Leadership Team members must do every day when “walking around” and how to get them done brilliantly Identify the exact behaviors we want to develop in our staff Michael’s CDOS technique to coach staff to learn and use those behaviors Special techniques to work with a new generation of staff (“Many staff seem different, more stressed, and don’t seem to come to this job knowing what we used to take for granted…”) The key secret to motivating staff Building professionalism and responsibility in staff (“It’s a real job!”) Handling tough staff behavior with calmness and confidence, replacing it with great choices More campers, more retention—increasing program creativity to stand out from the rest Fast paced, interactive, and highly effective: A total of 5.75 hours taught in Michael’s trademark “use-it-immediately,” fun, and highly energetic teaching style.