Shift Happens: 3 Steps to Choosing Courage in Changing Times


Candace Doby

Type of Course

COVID-19 Webinar

The world is shifting. A reshaping of the global landscape has prompted conversations about courage among camp professionals as they consider changes to their employment, programs, and priorities. What is courage? What really goes into choosing courage? How do I get more courage? These are some of the questions national speaker and mentor Candace Doby answer in this free webinar to help attendees leverage tools of courage as they face challenges and risks ahead. This is what attendees will take away from this webinar:

  • How to define courageous action (so you know what courage looks like and what it doesn’t)
  • How to strengthen your purpose for courageous action (because a strong purpose is foundational to facing risk)
  • How to identify what competencies you need to develop in order to grow your confidence and better position yourself to choose courage
  • Get specific help, answers and advice on your courage- and risk-related questions during Q&A at the end.

Presenter: Candace Doby

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