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Child sexual abuse and inappropriate contact with children is a pervasive problem that must be managed in a pro-active manner if we are to protect those in your organization’s care. We want to help you keep your campers safe by equipping your staff to best create safe communities for all.  This six-course package is being offered in collaboration with Redwoods. Each title is nine to fourteen minutes in length.  Titles include:

  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (general) - 60 min - also a standalone course
  • Appropriate Touch - 15 min
  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention at Camp - 14 min
  • Risk Management 101 - 20 min
  • School-Aged Childcare Safety - 15 min
  • Social Media & Digital Communications - 20 min

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (60 min – also a standalone course)
The training follows a story of sexual abuse from the eyes of a child. Madison, a fictional character based on a real event we handled, tells us her story through journal entries. In this training, we’ll teach staff the basics of how to prevent child sexual abuse. And because effective prevention requires an organization-wide culture of safety, we focus on rule breaking, and how to stop it from happening.

Appropriate Touch (15 min)
This training follows Rodney McCormick, a Youth Outreach Director, and his daily interactions with kids in his program. Rodney and Redwoods Consultant, Sarah Pharr, present real-life guidance to teach staff how to create a safe environment with appropriate touch, instead of prohibiting all touch. When appropriate touch is open, observable and rare, we’re able to create a safer environment where child sexual abuse is less likely to happen. 

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention at Camp (14 min)
In this training, we’ll train staff on the warning signs of child sexual abuse and how they can prevent this from happening at their camp. We’ll focus on the importance of immediately reporting these warning signs and rule-breaking. You’ll hear from camp staff on how to apply this guidance at your camp.

Risk Management 101 (20 min)
This training is intended for new employees and volunteers. It is the safety portion of a new employee orientation. We’ll cover sexual abuse prevention, aquatics safety, transportation safety, employee safety, and other safety concerns your employees and volunteers could face. The training puts an emphasis on mission - keeping yourself and others safe will help fulfill your mission.

School-Aged Childcare Safety (15 min)
The role that school-aged programs play in our community should not be underestimated. Keeping kids safe, making them feel loved, and providing opportunities for growth can literally change lives. As with any complex task, supervising children is much easier when you come fully prepared for anything that may occur. Whatever program you’re in, this training will help prepare staff to care for school-aged children.

Social Media & Digital Communications (20 min)
This course teaches employees and volunteers how to appropriately communicate with children via social media and digital communications (such as cell phone and email). The purpose of this training is to protect children from sexual predators building relationships outside of organization programs. The course is customized for youth-serving organizations. It explains the risks of digital communication, the best methods to protect yourself and children, and offers alternative means of communication.


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