Gan Israel - Making Camp Safe - Prevent Child Abuse


Rabbi Zalmy Kudan, Director Camp Gan Israel S. Barbara

Core Competency

Health & Wellness

Type of Course

Partner Online Course





Making Camp Safe - Prevent Child Abuse (1 Hour)

We need to take the fear out of this topic and present clear guidelines to ensure you understand your legal responsibilities as mandated reporters, the rules of appropriate physical contact, camp rules to avoid "yichud" one-on-one interactions, and directions for appropriate staff-camper communication. Protect your campers, and more importantly - yourself. Participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize and report child abuse
  2. Respond appropriately if a camper discloses abuse 
  3. Ensure they are never alone one-on-one with a camper
  4. Ensure physical touching is within the legal industry-standards
  5. Determine if a conversation is inappropriate, and effectively end it
  6. Communicate with campers on social media appropriately, both during and after camp

Course Schedule:

  1. Sunday, Iyar 14, May 19, 4-5pm NY Time (FOR GIRLS HCs & STAFF)
  2. Sunday, Iyar 21, May 26, 1-2pm NY Time (FOR GIRLS HCs & STAFF)
  3. Tuesday, Iyar 23, May 28, 11pm-12am  (FOR BOYS HCs & STAFF)



  1. The Basics: How to get your staff a login to the course:
    a. Upon successful payment, you will receive an email confirmation with an email text to forward to your staff with the link to register for the courses. It will also be below the payment receipt (automated message).
    b. Email that text to your staff.  YOUR STAFF MUST REGISTER TO GET THE LINK.  IT'S A 2-STEP PROCESS.   
  2. If a staff member can't make any of the sessions, He/she must register before the course to receive a recording and a test. Recordings will only be sent to staff who register for a session BEFORE the session takes place. (Use caution when giving this option, the course is much more effective when staff are involved live!)
  3. Staff members will need to register with their director's name and email.  Upon completing the test, the score and a certificate of completion will be emailed to the staff member and the camp director.
  4. Due to the number of registrants, it is impossible for me to run a report of who registered for what (before the course). Ask your staff to forward you the REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION they receive to prove to you they are registered.
  5. The success of the training lies in its implementation in camp. Directors are invited and encouraged to attend (at no charge) all staff sessions as well.
  6. I love feedback. Please let me know how the staff enjoyed, was it practical, is there something else you'd like to see in a future training...


Contact me with any further questions:; 805.636.5085 call/text/whatsapp.