The Celebration of Difference in Camp!

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Jonah Berger

Core Competency

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Type of Course

Recorded Webinar


$20 Members; $40 Nonmembers



Join us for a presentation on the benefits of celebrating differences in the camp bubble. Within any group of campers and staff comes a great deal of diversity and difference. The great equalizer of these differences is the sharing and understanding of them within the camp community. During this interactive discussion, we will learn together:

  • The benefits of understanding these differences in advance of camp
  • Using staff training to create the culture
  • Techniques to get campers talking about their differences
  • The benefits of learning from each other’s differences

Our host, Jonah Berger, is a camp director, author, and motivational speaker with a physical disability who has used his challenges to help others to share their own. He has brought this culture to the camps he has directed for over 3 decades and seen the benefits of this culture in making all campers feel welcome and able to absorb the full experience. We plan to make this a group discussion using examples from the participants’ experience to teach this concept. Every camp can learn and grow by 
creating a culture that celebrates difference. Come ready to be inspired and take that inspiration back to your programs this summer!

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