Explore! Mars with NASA through Hands-on Activities

The planet Mars


Lunar Planetary Institute

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Program Planning

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Recorded Webinar


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Discover how NASA’s robotic explorers are revolutionizing our understanding of the red planet.  This webinar will acquaint you with FREE hands-on science activities related to NASA’s current understanding of Mars and prepare you to lead these activities in your programs with children ages 8-13. All materials are freely available for your use via the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Explore! program.  You will also learn about NASA’s latest upcoming mission to the red planet – MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission) – set to launch on November 18th!  MAVEN’s mission is to orbit Mars and study its atmosphere — helping researchers answer the question, what happened to the water on Mars?

Learner Outcomes
Through this webinar, participants will:

  1. Increase their preparedness and confidence facilitating out-of-classroom hands-on space science activities.
  2. Become familiar with the next NASA robotic spacecraft mission to Mars – MAVEN.
  3. Gain ideas for implementing a celebration of Mars, the MAVEN mission, or related NASA exploration into their programs.

Handout:  Gather these materials before you participate in the webinar.

Presenters: Andy Shaner, Eve Halligan, and Keliann LaConte - Lunar Planetary Institute