ACA and Redwoods Group Working Together to Bring Safety Training to Camps

April 11, 2022
ACA and Redwoods logos

The American Camp Association (ACA) is excited to announce a collaboration with The Redwoods Group to further the availability of camp safety training courses.

The Redwoods Group’s online training courses will now be available in the ACA Learning Center. A few trainings have already been uploaded, and remaining trainings will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

This agreement between ACA and Redwoods allows everyone, regardless of whether they are insurance customers of Redwoods, to access trainings that will help keep more campers safe throughout the year. Redwoods is neither paying for the opportunity nor receiving compensation — they are doing it because it is in the best interest of the camps and campers that both Redwoods and ACA serve.

Trainings will be free for Redwoods customers and available for a small fee to noncustomers.

Available Online Courses