Why Choose a Custom Course Training Package?

April 23, 2021

Through ACA’s Professional Development Center, your program has an opportunity to streamline staff training to the 21st century. Our Custom Course Package is like no other. With the capability to train your staff from a robust list of courses from the ACA Course Catalog, to supplementing with your program’s own content, we are here to help make your virtual training ideas a reality.

The Three "C"s of Why You Should Consider A Custom Course Training Package


ACA's online courses and webinars provide self-directed and learning experiences designed for camp and youth development professionals. With over 80 titles featuring administration, health and safety, risk management, youth development, programing, and behavior management, we are confident that there is a course or recorded webinar for your program!

Courses and recorded webinars from our catalog are just the beginning. Using the ACA website and other websites, we’ll help find the right resources to build your staff training. From articles featured in Camping Magazine, to COVID-19 related topics, we can supplement your training with the resources you need!


Your Custom Course is exactly that — yours. We want to feature your camp logo and a welcome video from someone on staff to showcase the culture and highlights of your program! Custom course packages can save trees by uploading all your paper documents for staff to reference. From the staff manual to weekly calendars, there are endless possibilities in customizing your course.


Here at ACA, we’re proud of our pricing model and want to share it with you. We have no hidden fees, no renewal fees, and fair pricing. Your custom course is priced by the number of CECs you choose. We do require a minimum of three credit hours, which can easily be achieved by two or three courses. Once you know the number of learners you’ll be training, multiply that number by the total of CECs using the pricing grid that is listed on our pricing page.

We want to offer you the member pricing rate. All it takes is renewing your current membership or, signing up for a free one to lock in member pricing.

Schedule a Demo

Here at ACA, we’re knowledgeable about youth development and youth programming. Schedule a demo with us so we can learn more about your staff training needs and how a custom course package can benefit your staff training this summer!

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