2020 November/December Camping Magazine

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Camping Magazine
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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Capturing the essence of camp.

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Your Roadmap to a Successful Camp Alumni Program
Stuart T. Weinberg, MD, and Katie Tucker Trippi

Facilitating Meaningful Conversations in the "Socially Distant" Age
Max Claman and Kalina Silverman

For Posterity: Using Time Capsules to Capture Camp
Bob Gagner

Bad Blood? How to Succeed at Succession
Leann Mischel, PhD, and Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed

Capturing the Inclusive Camp Experiences of Teens with and without Disabilities through Photography and Dialogue
Lindsey R. Oakes, PhD, CTRS; Stuart J. Schleien, PhD, CTRS; Jeffrey S. Kress, PhD; Ginger Walton, M.S.N., RN, FNP, CNLCP; and Abigail L. Uhrman, PhD

What’s Next? The Future of Facilitation
Jim Cain, PhD

Don't Be a Donkey
Adam Boyd, DMin


Moving Forward Together

Trail Mixed 

Risk Management — Article available en Español

In the Trenches

A Place To Share