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Skills for First-Time Supervisors: Actively Grow into Your Supervisory Role

Transitioning to your very first supervisory role can be a formidable task, and it's only natural to be nervous. While each employment situation is unique, being a camp supervisor can invite further...

Shift Happens: 3 Steps to Choosing Courage in Changing Times

The world is shifting. A reshaping of the global landscape has prompted conversations about courage among camp professionals as they consider changes to their employment, programs, and priorities....

Innovation Boot Camp -Shark Tank Event- Ideas Around Staff Motivation

Project Real Job brings you Shark Tank for Camp Pros, and YOU are the Sharks (i.e., judges)! A cohort of over 40 camp leaders, staff, and students were given the prompt, “What is one new way you can...

New Director Orientation (NDO) Online Course - Asynchronous

ACA’ New Director Orientation (NDO) is designed to give you a solid foundation in the competencies and responsibilities necessary to your work as a camp director.  The course has been arranged...

101 Games & Activities That Teach Leadership and Teamwork

101 Games & Activities That Teach Leadership and Teamwork is an excellent resource for camp staff, group leaders, educators, and other youth development professionals, as well as...

Closer Look Videos

On-demand video library breaking down different topics of standards to explore the meaning, context and gain helpful hints to build your standards knowledge and confidence.

Accreditation Related Trainings

Accreditation Learning opportunities for individuals working with their camps on the accreditation process and training opportunities for prospective and current accreditation volunteers.

Camp Staff Member Package (2.0)

Have you thought about ways to prepare your staff for camp BEFORE they arrive onsite? Are you interested in an affordable solution for integrating camp and youth development experts into your staff...

On-Site Visit Preparation

For camps that are seeking accreditation for the first time, or maintaining their accreditation with their on-site visit, this in an overview of the steps to take in a visit year.

Camps Preparing for an On-Site Visit

Use the helpful resources below to guide your visit preparation.