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Camps as Evacuation or Temporary Housing Centers

Camps may be called upon by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) — or another government agency or community organization — to serve as evacuation centers.

Find Camp Staff

Use ACA's two services, Year-round Jobs @ Camp and Summer Jobs at Camp, to help you fill your open positions at camp.

Preparing for a Job Fair

Get set up for success at any camp job fair by following some simple guidelines: Choosing the best camp fair for you! Contact the placement office, before registering, and inquire about:...

Staffing, Compensation, and Benefits Report

Each year, the American Camp Association (ACA) surveys its members about specific areas of their camp operations and makes the results available so camps can benchmark their business practices.

Camp Sites, Facilities, and Programs Report

The ACA Camp Sites, Facilities, and Programs Report: 2020 is an invaluable resource for camps interested in examining their business operations around programs, grounds, and...

Find Year-Round Camp Staff

Year-Round Jobs @ Camp is a listing of year-round job openings at camps e-mailed to job seekers twice a month.

A Place to Share: Investing in Professional Development

For my camp, the ACA national conference (this year in Dallas, Texas) is always the highlight of our winter. Those of us who are experienced (please note that I am avoiding the word “old”) can get...

Because I Worked at Camp

Now that the summer has come to a close, camp directors are inevitably thinking about the staff they want to invite back next season. If we as directors have created a strong camp community, one that...

Paying Enough and Training Right! A Snapshot of Salary, Benefits, and Professional Development Practices in Camps

Read the full article at   ...

Medical Marijuana: Current Issues for Camps

Introduction A call recently came into the American Camp Association (ACA) Crisis Hotline from a member camp: Three adults attended a family camp and brought medical marijuana with them. Upon...