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Managing Staff in the New Era of Summer Camp

Survivor, the long-running CBS reality show, has captivated audiences for 45 seasons — but like with so many other forms of entertainment, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the series to a halt for 17...

Fumble or Fiasco? Ensuring Leaders, Staff, and Campers Learn from Failure

We need to fail before we achieve success. In our personal and professional lives, we generally try to succeed, which is perfectly sensible. To reach our potential, however, we must stop fearing...

Make Strategic Decisions, Not Guesses

Enjoy one of camp’s sweetest sounds as you walk up on a dining hall or an evening campfire and hear a chorus of voices singing a favorite camp song — 100 campers, 250 campers, 500 campers — can you...

Do Employers Understand Summer Camp?

We need to educate the workforce on why they should hire people who worked at camp.

Does Your Camp Need a Therapist?

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee partnered with a local therapy practice to provide on-site, drop-in counseling for their staff this summer.

How Working at Summer Camp Changed the Trajectory of My Life

Jordyn Roark, MSW, originally applied to a summer camp job to secure summer housing — but what she also found was a life-changing experience.

Using Journals to Help Your Summer Camp Staff Succeed

In support of Project Real Job, one camp shares why they started providing journals to their camp counselors in hopes it would help staff feel more organized, informed, and focused on their goals.

Why Working at Camp as a Premed Student Is One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

"Camp has provided me with deeply meaningful friendships, many networking opportunities, valuable people skills, and it has had an enormous positive impact on my mental health."

Staff Recruitment in a Digital World: Harnessing the Power of Camp Staff Influencers

Camp Manito-wish YMCA recently implemented a camp staff influencer initiative in order to recruit more summer camp staff.

How to Use Texting to Recruit Candidates for Camp

If you're not already using text messaging as part of your summer camp staff recruitment efforts, check out these reasons to consider doing so and tips on doing so effectively. Disclaimer: The...