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Cyber Week Webinar Promotion

Discounted webinar package and limited time deal on a recorded webinar.

How Working at Summer Camp Changed the Trajectory of My Life

Jordyn Roark, MSW, originally applied to a summer camp job to secure summer housing — but what she also found was a life-changing experience.

Risk Management of Sexual Abuse at Summer Camp: Safeguarding Campers’ Well-Being

Campers’ safety and well-being should be summer camps’ top priority. In order to create a secure environment, it is essential to focus on managing risk specifically related to the detection and...

CampWire Episode 64: 2023 Staffing Summit Preview

Get ready for the third annual Staffing Summit! Tune in to learn about this year's event, including major themes, keynote speakers, and session topics. Thanks to Staffing Summit Co-Chairs Kim...

Staff Recruitment in a Digital World: Harnessing the Power of Camp Staff Influencers

Camp Manito-wish YMCA recently implemented a camp staff influencer initiative in order to recruit more summer camp staff.

How to Use Texting to Recruit Candidates for Camp

If you're not already using text messaging as part of your summer camp staff recruitment efforts, check out these reasons to consider doing so and tips on doing so effectively. Disclaimer: The...

Top 25 Staffing Solutions Gathered through Collaboration

Highlighted here is a curated collection of great ideas about how to recruit and retain staff — a direct result of the last two years of conferences and various collaborative brainstorming sessions...

Next Summer's Staff Recruitment Starts Today

Research suggests college-aged students are already thinking ahead to employment plans for next summer, so it's important to have conversations about the future with staff you'd like to return to...

Crisis Communications Toolkit

Unfortunately, a crisis can occur at anytime and can affect any camp at any location. It is for that reason that you should prepare for a crisis before it happens.

Building Safe Spaces for Campers and Staff, Abuse Prevention for Summer 2023

Whether you are a Camp Director, Educator, Aquatic Staff or Camp Counselor, this webinar will provide you with valuable resources and actionable insights for building a safer summer. You will have...