Annual Accreditation Report (AAR)

Annual Accreditation Report (AAR)

Camps in a non-visit year may submit a 2020 Annual Accreditation Report (AAR) from December 1, 2019, until  Saturday, February 1, 2020.

Note: AAR reviewers will be assigned beginning in mid-January. 


2020 Annual Accreditation Report

Camps currently accredited and not scheduled for an onsite visit in 2020 need to submit an AAR by SaturdayFebruary 1, 2020.  

  • For camps visited prior to 2018, the  Annual Accreditation Report references standards found in the Accreditation Process Guice, 2012  Editions plus the NEW MANDATORY standards for 2019.
  • For camps visited in 2019 and beyond, the AAR and all facets of accreditation reference the  Accreditation Process Guide, 2019 Edition.

If your camp is scheduled for an on-site accreditation visit in 2020, you do not complete the Annual Accreditation Report.

If your camp is scheduled for an on-site accreditation visit in 2020, your Camp Information Form is due  February 1 and your Written Documentation Review is due May 1.  For more  informationPreparing for an on- site visit.

Resources for Completing the AAR

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Getting your AAR in on time pays -literally!


Four lucky winners for 2020! Just for submitting their Annual Accreditation Report in a timely manner, four camp professionals each won gift cards! From our January 1  and 15 drawings. ; The names were randomly selected from all the eligible report submitters. 

About the Annual Accreditation Report

The Annual Accreditation Report allows camps to demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards in non-visit years by submitting a narrative report. The purpose of the report is to:

  • Provide evidence of ongoing quality enhancement/improvement efforts, as part of the five-year accreditation cycle;
  • Provide education and feedback from trained reviewers for camps in non-visit years;
  • Provide evidence of continual compliance with ACA standards throughout the accreditation cycle in non-visit years.

It is the camp’s responsibility to save a copy of responses to the AAR questions. ACA will not maintain AAR responses. 



Submit your AAR by Saturday, February 1, 2020